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Provide one impoverished young African who dreams of becoming a chef with a lifelong self-sustaining skill

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What's the cost of providing one impoverished young
African who dreams of becoming a chef with the skills
that will feed him or her for a lifetime?

Would you believe only $875?

For the last decade, Esther's Aid School in Kigali, Rwanda, founded by New Yorker Clare Effiong, has been transforming the lives of youth, young adults and women who want to climb out of poverty and despair as Rwanda rebuilds its community. The nonprofit school offers programs in culinary arts, fashion, computers and more. Most of its students are orphans as a result of the genocide or other circumstances.

This Spring, 87 students ages 16-24 who are enrolled in the school's 15-month culinary arts training program are excited to welcome Chef Silvia from the U.S. who is generously volunteering two weeks of her time to teach sauté skills along with plating and presentation skills as a part of Esther's Aid's new Culinary Arts Visiting Chefs Program.

Esther's Aid is grateful to Chef Silvia for being the first visiting chef and serving as ambassador for the new program whereby chefs from abroad volunteer to teach culinary skills for one or two weeks at the school while also helping to raise scholarship funds for the program.Throughout her visit, she'll also lend support to program initiatives that elevate Rwanda's food culture and culinary scene.

Please consider making a donation of $875 and change a life forever or make a contribution in any amount to give these students the skills that will feed them for a lifetime. And, follow Chef Silvia as she posts visit updates including video of her work at the school with students through

Esther's Aid is a 501(c)(3) Christian-based, nonprofit charity devoted to helping educate and train less privileged youth, young adults and women. It has a strong record of providing the tools necessary to help people lift themselves out of poverty and achieve productive futures. The organization cares for the poor, the outcast, the orphans and the widows by compassionate intervention and protection against abuse at all levels. It trains them to succeed by providing education, skills development and a positive vision for a productive and a sustainable future. It empowers them by instilling hope, confidence, dignity, self-respect and the love of God.It encourages peace among all ethnic groups. Esther's Aid is based in New Rochelle, New York and Kigali, Rwanda.

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